Chin Augmentation & Implants

The chin is an important facial feature to create an overall balance and harmony in the facial appearance. A small chin can create the elusion of an oversized nose, and often has the social connotation of someone weak in character. An oversized chin, on the other hand must also be avoided as it can be overbearing in relation to other facial features, and throw off facial balance, or may cause a masculanizing appearance in a woman

There are primarily two ways of performing a chin augmentation, or enlargement. One technique involves actually moving the boney prominence of the chin with cranio-facial surgery. This creates a more permanent result, and is often preferred in extreme cases where extensive chin augmentation or lengthening is required.

Moderate chin augmentations can be achieved with insertion of a chin implant. Made of a silastic material, these soft and natural feeling chin implants can be introduced through an incision in the gum of the lower lip, or as preferred by Dr. Zimmerman, through a small incision in the skin crease beneath the chin, in the shadow of the chin. A minimal 'pocket' is created for the chin implant, which is also fixed in place with suture, to prevent it from moving out of alignment. Chin implants come in varied shapes and sizes so they may be optimized to fit ones facial requirements. Recovery from this procedure is only a few days, with minimal swelling or discomfort.