Face Lift, Brow Lift & Neck Lift - (Rhytidectomy)

The initial signs of facial aging, which begin to nag at us when we glance in the mirror, is prominence in the folds between our nose and corners of our mouth (naso-labial folds). Settling of the facial fat and musculature into jowls, which obscures our jaw line, occurs. Wrinkles in the cheek and mouth area and looseness to the skin of our neck can also be seen. Fortunately, these are all areas of the facial anatomy that are addressed and improved with a facelift procedure.

Over the years, our understanding of facial aging has improved. Refinements in our ability to correct the aging face now enables Dr. Zimmerman to achieve a more natural and longer lasting improvement to ones appearance, while avoiding the 'plastic look' so many patients detest. The majority of the tension from a facelift can be transferred to a deeper, firmer layer of tissue, known as the SMAS (sub-muscular aponeurotic system), which restores the muscle and fat pads to their more youthful location avoiding undue tension on the overlying skin. Treating the neck muscle to eliminate the muscle bands in the front of the neck, and removing excess fat and skin in this area, is also an integral part of the procedure.

Neck Lift
A neck lift, which is essentially the lower ½ of a facelift, can be performed as an isolated procedure without performing a lift to the remainder of the face. This technique also involves treating the neck muscle, removing excess fat from the neck area, and tightening the neck skin. Because an isolated neck lift does not resolve facial jowls, and wrinkles, it is a technique reserved for patients who suffer from neck aging only. A procedure known as a Platysmaplasty is sometimes required to alter the platysma muscle to deepen the neck angle and improve its' contour.

Brow Lift
A brow lift procedure is a technique to elevate droopy brows to enhance the youthful appearance of ones eyes. A brow lift can change a tired, scornful look into a bright vibrant appearance to reflect ones true disposition. Aging of the brows can be a cause of a heavy appearance to ones upper eyelids, and elevation of the brow may replace the need for upper eyelid surgery in some individuals. Today brow lifts can be performed by a lengthy scalp incision, or through a series of small incisions using an endocopic technique.

While facial aging is inevitable, we now have plastic surgical techniques available to make the aging process as 'gentle' as possible. The facelift procedure restores the neck and jaw-line and resolves many of the facial wrinkles. A browlift can be combined with a facelift to improve the overall appearance of the entire face and forehead region.

Excessive sun exposure and cigarette smoking are the two worst enemies of our skin tone and appearance. The standard answer to the question of how long a facelift lasts is approximately seven years depending on the care taken of the skin and genetics. The timing of when to get a facelift is most optimal when ones appearance makes them look much older than they feel.