For more information regarding skin care services offered at The Zimmerman Center, please visit our new website dedicated to Medical Skin Care.

The Zimmerman Center is committed to excellence and staffed by licensed registered nurses and estheticians. Our Skin Care services are provided by licensed Esthetician Kim Evans in a medical setting under the in-office supervision of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Terry Zimmerman. This gives you access to medical-grade products and individualized treatment options with results unmatched by ordinary day spas.

Medical Esthetician Services by Kim Evans:

Medical Skin Care Procedures:

At The Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Dr. Zimmerman utilizes an extensive line of medical skin care products such as Obagi and Biomedics. While these products are not available over the counter or at salons, they are expertly formulated to be both strong yet safe, and offers the variety of products which allows us to customize your skin care regimen according to you particular skin needs. In conjunction with our licensed esthetician, skin care treatments begin prior to any facial procedure, as well as during the postoperative period for maximal long term results. Products ranging from glycolic washes, moisturizers, and sunblocks are all an essential part of the success of any facial surgery.

A pro-active approach to aging is also encouraged. Many in office procedures are now available to improve facial skin quality and appearance, without requiring lengthy recovery periods or time off from work.